Survivor nº1 Monica Mauri part 2


Part 2 Apocalypse Naths – First survivor Monica Mauri
Based on the BBC’s Desert Island Discs, Apocalypse Naths, is a program that airs in podcast format and in which personalities that the interviewer (Nathalie Archer) has met throughout her lifetime will be invited to share their stories and experiences.
It all takes form in a biographical interview format, where the guest will be asked to choose 7 songs and a tablet/smartphone + 3 objects, that they would take with them during an expedition to the end of the world. During the interview, the guest goes onto explaining the different musical choices in relation to key moments of his/her/their? life. The interviewer (aware of his/her/their? biography) is who leads the interviewee and who attempts to elicit interesting and curious aspects of the lives of the guests.

The survivor today is Monica Mauri Camera Assistant/Photographer…ias-y-reflexiones



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