My first survivor is Monica Mauri

Ladies and gentlemen,

 I proudly present my first interview on Apocalypse Naths.

I admit the first interview is chaotic, I haven’t marked any times between one song and another and sometimes the music over rides the guest (survivor) talking. But hey ho , that’s life! you only learn by making mistakes.

I have written to the SGAE (Sociedad de Autores y Editores) the Spanish office of intellectual property (as I reside in Spain)  asking about copywriter issues but still have no answer apart from an email that my request has been received and they will answer eventually one day!!

I have made  several attempts to do things correctly and not infringe any copyright laws and for the moment as I have not been told if I should pay, where I should pay, or if you only pay copyright royalties if you play someone’s work for commercial purpose, or only once you have obtained more than a certain number of listeners. So I have only included 30 seconds of each piece of music chosen by the survivor.

The survivor today is Monica Mauri Camera Assistant/Photographer

Listen to Monica:


The survivor today is Monica Mauri Camera Assistant/Photographer…ias-y-reflexiones


Moira dancing to the Guns of Brixton by the Clash one of Kaja and Monica’s favourite songs.

Kaja was one of my best friends.

She was one of the first persons I met when I arrived in Oslo.
It’s a long story. I was 21 and she was 17. We worked together on concerts, making coffee from the squat we lived in and well, doing things friends do…. Going here and there. When she was 20, she went to the North of Norway to study animation. One of the best schools in the world. When she was 21, she was diagnosed with cancer. I was 25 and still mourning the loss of my mother. I remember when she called me and she asked me to explain to her again how everything  had gone with my mother and her illness.

-Why was she asking?

– I’ve got the same as her.

I cannot express what I felt at that moment. I couldn’t cry, but I know myself, I knew what my silence meant and I tried to avoid eye contact. For 8 years we suffered, we cried,

We threw up, we took tablets and we fought. Together with Bård, her boyfriend, right from the start, they decided to get married. It would be in August. In June 2007, she called me when I was 6 months pregnant with Moira.

– I wont make August. I’m getting married next week

The 3rd of June. She died on the 4th.

The wedding, was one of the most marvellous weddings that have ever  existed. 50 friends and 50 family members. Every time we felt it impossible to hold back our tears we would go outside, one by one, or two by two. And we would go back inside, our tears dried and a smile drawn on our  faces. She was in a wheelchair, I was able to hold her body.

The next day I was flying back to Barcelona. I was at the airport, alone, crying, And she called me.

– Are you not going to come and see me?

– My flight leaves in 10 minutes.

I was shooting a documentary. I had already stopped the production

and they were waiting for me.

– Ohhh… I wanted you. She said.

It was like a stabbing that folded me in two. I was standing up, in front of a column, so that the airport noise would let me hear her faint voice. I slid, until my knees were touching the ground.

-I love you so much Kaja, we’ll see each other when Moira is born. Hold on!

That night, once in Barcelona, Hege another of my best friends,

called me. She didn’t say a word. It wasn’t necessary.

-It’s over, isn’t it?- I asked.

-Yes, It’s over.

Moira dancing to “Guns of Brixton” by the Clash, one of Kaja and my  favourite songs.

Tjøme, Noruega.

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