Dee Delaney – Author

Listen to Dee Delaney as a survivor on Apocalypse Naths here: 


Dee Delaney is a mother writer yogi and lover of coffee. She lives in Goa India where she is researching and writing a trinity of books on unity consciousness called The Truth is Within. Book One: The Truth – My Journey to the Other Side deals with healing the Self through Eastern Philosophy and Jungian Psychotherapy. Book Two: The Truth – Is the Art of Being, looks into the eyes of death through the teachings of the Tibetan Bardo and The Pagan Book of Living and Dying. Book Three: The Truth – Within the Heart of Love explores the power of sacred union, and the potential to ascend to our highest levels of being when we integrate the masculine and feminine within.

Dee lives and breathes this work, and the amazing stories and experiences she writes about have taken her across India to discover the fascinating truth about who she is and her life’s purpose.






Listen to 7 songs she talks about on her Apocalypse Naths:


  1. Bob Dylan “Make you feel my love”


2.Sam Smith “ Lay me down”

3. Coldplay «Fix you»

4. Bon Iver «I can’t make you love me»


  1. Beyoncé “Runnin Lose it all”


6. Diddy “I’m coming home”


  1. Soul to Soul “Keep on moving”
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